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-- Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. We're so glad you could attend. Come inside! Come inside! Oh wait, wrong band, sorry. Not that those guys couldn't play their collective asses off, it's just that this is an Aerosmith web site! One that has been around since September 19, 1998!
Counting the webmaster and all the entire site development team, we have been to over 1,000 Aerosmith shows combined. Between us all, we have ben to at least one show in Aerosmith tour since day one as well as every almost every show in the USA since the late 70s. That is A LOT of times hearing the boys play. Most of us have met the band at least once, some of us have had the opportunity to be on stage during the occasional sound check as well (see the Florida Picture Gallery).
To say that we enjoy their music is probably an understatement. While most of us prefer the music form the early days, Aerosmith has continued to rock from day one until the present.
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It all may be old hat to the long time Aerosmith Fans out there, but we found an article on CouncertTour.org about the boys that we thought was interesting.
"Egos have never been a subtlety for Aerosmith. They are one of the most successful bands ever, selling over 150 million albums - and plenty more once lead singer Steven Tyler became a judge on American Idol in 2010. Much of the Aerosmith's past conflicts have been between Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry, nicknamed the "Toxic Twins" for their collaborative party habits."
Read The Full Story on the ConcertTour.org web site. You may also want to visit their Aerosmith Page to all of the great Aerosmith news they have available.
The members of Aerosmith have had an impact on many fans from the first time they played straight through to today. If you have a story to tell, we would really like to hear from you. Please send email to our webmaster with how the band has influenced you. We will go through all of the submissions and post all we have room for!
We encourage all fans to make any Aerosmith related submissions that they may have. A lot of the information on this site was provided by fans just like you. We did all of the coding and layout, but most (if not all) of the content was shared with us by others. To each of these people we are deeply indebted. Aerosmith has some of the greatest and most loyal fans in the world. It's your kindness and generosity that has made this site possible. Again we want to thank all of you for your contributions.
Lastly we would like to thank all of the people who supported us in building this site. Friends and family have been extremely supportive of us and the endless hours that have gone into the design and upkeep of the site. We have often had to put aside some our personal time with them and spend those hours and minutes here instead. Thanks to all of those who understood and continue to understand that this is a passion for all involved. Each of us appreciate your compassionate understanding and support more than you will ever know. We hope that the results of our efforts here reflect for you some of what it all means to us.
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